Ashley's thoughts on his gift of Mediumship

"I was originally shy in sharing my gift.
 I have had some amazing personal and shared experiences with spirit some that have changed my views and understandings forever. It still touches my heart each and every time I am able to connect someone to someone in spirit and of course spirit to someone here.

 Each time the most random piece of details spirit gives me in whatever shape or form can mean so much to someone. It is not something I can control, and that makes me all the more humble and grateful for the gift bestowed to me and the use I can be to the spirit world and divine energy.
I have sensed spirits from a young age it was only when I got older and began to discuss this with my mum that she told me her parents whom had passed away long before I was born were spirit mediums and that mediumship runs in the family.  She was cautious but also supportive of my new gift but supportive in a way like a new bird learning to fly. She told me it was my gift and my responsibility to do with it what I felt drawn to and to follow what I felt from the spirit world.

Would you like to come for a sitting with the spirit world?

If you would like to have a spirit sitting/ mediumship, then please contact me via the contact  page on this website.

All sittings are for any donation amount
Most will last around 45 minutes sometimes longer depending on the energy and connection with the spirit world.
Many blessings to you.

The aim of a spirit/ mediumship sitting 

I hope to establish a connection with the spirit world and to understand or connect with who is their in spirit communicating with me, 
 it is also to give  you communicative and evidential information this could be shared experiences, hobbies, features and attributes of the spirit, present day situations and occurrences, how the person passed to spirit, jewellery items and more anything that the spirit can tell me that connects or establishes their link to you, their link to the physical world and how that all connects with you. and finally I hope to give you the message the spirit wishes to share, sometimes it is just a loving hello or a heads up or sometimes they wish to still be heard about matters happening to you now.

What is Mediumship?

The gift and process of mediumship is to give the messages from spirit and prove that spirit exists and to show the intelligence of spirit in the afterlife. 

Giving not only the message of loved ones on the other side but also giving the person receiving the message the presence of spirit.

This is achieved by evidential mediumship.  Providing evidence, information received from spirit that proves their existence.
Spirit communication is like dialling a telephone but not knowing who will answer, a medium is unable to demand/summon a certain spirit, they can ask and send out intention. But it is for the spirit world to decide which spirit is best/ able better to communicate through the medium.