We believe we are here to help you have a deeper connection to God and Spirit and to live a faithful life..

We follow Christian, Spiritualism and some other teachings, we believe God speaks in many different ways.. to many different people. 

Read our Mission Statement for more.  

We are inclusive of all races, social background, sexualities and genders and of course we be as open as we can to different religious and spiritual pathways. 

How we started..

, firstly beginning with a knowing and a divine calling in Ashley Summers heart.
The Ashley Summers Ministry is created and run by Ashley Summers who follows the Call of God he believes for his life.
Ashley has over the last 7 years been giving and providing spiritual services of his own accord. 
Setting up talks, prayer and spiritual healing, publishing topics and working on TV, leading meditation groups and offering Prophetic and Mediumship services and private consultations.

Over time God showed him that his work and vision was that of a ministry operation, one that could offer business like services and spiritual and community services.
In the process he has established seperate finances for him self and for the business/ spiritual services.