Ashley Summers is the Son of a Christian Spiritualist Mum, having first sensed God and prayed from around 13. 

God has lead him through wilderness, personal storms up to today and God has done amazing movement and he believes continues to work in and through his life...
Bullied and abused  Ashley is no stranger to hurt, pain and also the awesomeness of  God's restoration and healing.
Was it the devil who lead him into so much darkness trying to keep him away from God or was it God leading him so he could understand different pain,struggles and experience first hand?
From all kinds of abuse including Substance abuse, verbal, physical. Having to deal with betrayal, abandonment, idolatry, witchcraft and manipulation both mental and emotional. .. out of it all one thing is for sure. God made good and God clearly had a great plan.

Even throughout all those situations, with faith and when lost and confused Ashley was lead back to God... but many times what God had restored, He felt the hurt of rejection from Churches and ' man' and so would fall away again.. but God never gave up on him and God will never give up on you... 

God has taught him much through his trials and tribulations.
Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual abuse, temptations and more.
He has been blessed with a heart that wants to reach out to the hurting, gifted with prophecy and communication with spirit. As well as teaching he truly feels God has called him to work in a new way and to bring light into this world and love.
welcoming lgbtqia community and all with an open heart and a desire to know God and live a good life.
Guiding people forward using his gifts and connecting in love.
He shares personal stories and testimony on the awesome power, love, grace of God.