What time is it?

Divine timing the age old question of When God When? Divine and Spiritual timing involves more than just receiving there are many different "times or spiritual seasons" in our life, knowing and understanding what time it is can really benefit you on your daily life and your spiritual walk,

This page will focus on divine timing and spiritual seasons.. 

What time is the next train? What time shall I come in for the interview? When are you free? God knows how important timing is to us so if you find yourself asking When God? .. Listen to the chat below... 

" I am going to.... " She said, and 3 years later she still said. Our words contain power but not only must we speak words we must act on them... Listen to the spiritual chat below..

I was so happy the other day a Web TV show I was watching uploaded a new season, I was excited for the new start... New beginnings and re-birth moments can be divine... God knows all about them and has some planned for you I am sure... Hear below the Easter spiritual chat... Rebirth, New Beginnings....


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