Terms and Conditions

"Reading the label on a tin of soup "

Let's be clear... Transparent even.. 

I felt it a good idea to include a page of terms and conditions so I can ensure that you can understand clearly the services that I provide. Get a better understanding of how I operate spiritually and within the Law of the UK. What I do and do not do and what the requirements and understanding is for yourself also.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me..


Who I provide services for.

1.1 I provide spiritual and faith based services. Meaning services that are given on a personal belief and understanding of spiritual matters and practices that I choose and believe in.

1.2 I provide services for over 18 years old only.

1.3 I do not wish to nor seek to provide services of mediumship ( connecting to spirit ) for those who have had a bereavement of signifcant meaning within the last 6 months. This is to allow someone an adequate time to grieve.

1.4 I provide spiritual healing to those who request it, but a signed waiver form and record is kept to ensure that all persons follow all such medical advice given to them by medical professionals. I will not advice or seek to give medical advice. I am used like a channel/ tool for giving spiritual healing by Spirit and God. What an attendee or receiver of that spiritual healing chooses to do is their own choice and not for me to make.

1.5 Although I offer spiritual guidance and insight, I do not take the place of a counsellour or therapist. I do not provide counselling. I offer spiritual guidance and insight. 

1.6 I seek to offer my services to as many people as possible, but I do not provide my services to those under the influence of mind altering drugs, those that seek to engage with or worship what may be deemed as ' negative energy', nor will I provide services to those who seem to be vulnerable mentally.

2.0 The spiritual services provided and what they offer

2.1 The spiritual services I provided are listed here, and some detail of what each service provides. This is not an exhaustive list

2.2 Spiritual healing as defined by spiritualism. The transferance of healing energy from spirit via the medium and healer.

2.2a It involves close to the body or by placing hands on the shoulders, head or upper arms of the 'attendee ' - the person seeking healing. The attendee should decide what they feel comfortable with. There involves no nakedness, nudity or anything crude.

2.2b Spiritual Healing can also involve faith healing, the prayer or asking of God/ Divine energy to heal the 'attendee'

2.2c Spiritual Healing does not replace medical professional advice or medical practice. The service is offered as complimentary not alternative.

2.2d All attendees are required to sign a waiver and a record of the session and waiver will be retained.

2.2e Spiritual Healing does not guarantee the healing of physical sickness or ill health. We are all governed by God's law and universal timing.

2.3 Mediumship services are the providing and attempt of spirit communication  with the medium acting as the channel and interpretator.

2.3a The intelligence of Spirit should be recognised and that the spirit chooses to communicate not the medium " demanding/ conjuring " spirit.

2.3b  The aim is to provide details of evidential mediumship which provides the attendee with valuable proof of the communicating spirit.

2.3c Sittings are not aimed to frighten or upset the sitter, but provide comfort and connection with the spirit world.

2.4 Intuitive readings

2.4a Intuitive readings are readings given using spiritual acknowledged attributes like communicating with spirit guides, clairvoyance/psychic sight, a heightened intuition and clairsentience also known as psychic feeling.

2.4b Readings may also use tools such as oracle cards and crystals.

2.4c Readings are intended to give guidance and insight it to the attendee/ sitters situation or question asked. They can provide a spiritual springboard.

2.4d Readings do not advice or determine a persons actions, each is responsible for their own decisions

2.4e Readings may given premonitions or precognitions of possible future events

2.4f Intuitive Readings will not go into legal, financial or fertility subjects to ensure they are not deemed as giving advice to these situations

3.0 Donations/ Finances

3.0 Donations and payment for services  or other companies are detailed here.

3.1 Donations and payments received are processed as self employed payment and I am registered as self employed.

3.2 Donations are received by attendees at their choosing.

3.3 Any donations given to charity by myselfare registered with hmrc as personal donations and are declared on my self assessment tax return.

3.4 Refunds have never been needed to be issued before but in the case of refund they will be granted if within the first 10 minutes of a sitting or service an attendee displays or speaks of unhappiness of the service. 

3.5 No details are held of anyone's personal, financial details as any card donations are given by paypal or by the company providers such as psychictoday.

3.6 The financial share is 80% of all income remains with the ministry for costs and charity giving, 20% is given to Ashley Summers as a gift for time spent providing services.

Insurance and the Law.

4.0 I have indemnity Insurance which is provided and held with Westminster Indemnity Ltd. A copy of the policy can be obtained.

4.1 Any services which are provided which may come under the "for entertainment purposes only" legalisation within the UK or other countries should be acknowledged.


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