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How long does a Spiritual Healing Session last?

The Spiritual Healing Sessions I offer last for 25mins

Longer or shorter sessions do not give less or more healing. The energy is given via spirit and so can be channelled in any way.

I find after 25-30minutes I need a break from the connection and so I prefer to keep my sessions this length. You are welcome of course to pre book sessions in advance.

Locations available in Hayes, West London and also Lincolnshire

How much does a session cost?

Spiritual Healing is available for any FREE or you may give a donation if you wish.

What is spiritual healing?

How does it work?

Spiritual Healing is the wonderful process of healing that comes from God and from the Spirit World.

When Spiritual healing takes place it is usually a gradual process but there has been times of fast healing.

A healer will place hands on the shoulders of an attendee or around them and will ask God and Spirit to use the healer as a channel for God and Spirit energy to come forward and begin a healing with the attendee.

It is a relaxing and calming atmosphere and even if you don't necessarily have 'something wrong' it is always great for your inner spirit and self to connect to that beautiful healing energy.

Spirit Healing can clear any blocks or difficult energy within or around you, can heal medical illness or uplift your soul.

It does not replace any medical advise it is a complimentary not alternative healing.

God didn't give people knowledge of medicine for it not to be used.

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