Teachings relating to spiritualism and aspects of spiritualism. Spiritualism is a 3 part religion with the Fatherhood of God as the main principle along with the 6 other principles.
 Philosophy, Religion and Science make up Spiritualism in accordance with the SNU.
What is a spirit guide?
 How do we come to know them?
We have spirits with whom we know in the spirit world, relative, friends, animals.
Sometimes our spirit guides are those we know in spirit, sometimes they are new to us. 
They do not replace your connection to God they are there to assist and connect with you, but God is always at the top and in control.

Do you know the difference between when you are feeling something personally to when you are sensing it from God or Spirit?
Are you unsure or unaware of the terms used by spiritual leaders and people when discussing things they have felt from God or Spirit?
Do you wish to have a better understanding of when God and Spirit are communicating with you?
Do your feelings cloud or misinterpret what you are receiving from God or Spirit?
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What is Psychic sight/ Clairvoyance?

A gift given to some to be able to see things via spirit guides and sight given as a gift by God. Some see images, mini movies, symbols etc.  A connection of a heightened intuition the ability to forsee, psychic sight, and prophesy.

Watch and hear Ashley talk of an amazing experience with the Spirit World and God ...