How to live a Happy Life!

Do you want to live a happier life?

Do you feel happiness has passed you by?

Do you avoid happiness but yet deep down truly desire it?

Does everything seem to bring a sadness to it into your life?

Do you want more joy, laughter and enjoyment in your life today?

Did you know that what we think, say, feel and do affects our happiness?

Did you know spiritually we are called to enjoy our lives and that also we are told we will have difficult situations or challenges but that we can find our happiness even in those times


Well in this series, I will be going over different areas that affect our happiness, I will be teaching how to live a happy life and sharing personal stories and experiences as well.

I have prayed and opened my heart to Divine Spirit on this series and I am hoping and believing it will strengthen you, give you insight and guidance and enable you to live a happy life.

Let’s start with an area of our lives that I think is one of the top things that causes us to not be able to have a happy life or enjoy today.

I can't be happy when I have WORRY about....

Worry and being, feeling worried.. is one of the top reasons or causes that we can make it difficult to live a happy life. Worry, doubt, anxiety over problems or things in our life causes us to not be able to have a happy life.

You think it would be the actual things, the situations that would cause us unhappiness but it’s actually the worry, anxiousness and doubt that surround and attacks us when we have challenging, trials or situations in our life.

So why do we worry? What actually causes us to worry?

If it’s not the situations themselves that stop us being happy, what is it about worry?

Worry and anxiousness really can stop us in our tracks, I have found when I have been caught up worrying about something my mood goes low, I get more tempted to get angry, I withdraw from things, I find myself going around and around in circles in my mind. I can’t sleep or eat properly, I can’t concentrate on anything. Have you ever noticed that worry can be like rope or a lead, it keeps you restricted, every time you start to feel ‘normal’ worry comes up and pulls you back in.

Are you ready to learn what we can do with worry?

Are you willing to combat worry?

Are you willing to open you heart and mind to what I shall share and know spiritually with you?


I believe none of us want to worry, and I know some people are affected by worry a lot more than others. Some people are worriers but that doesn’t mean you have to keep living your life that way and doesn’t mean it needs to stop you from living a happy life.

I used to worry all the time, over big and small things, over my life, someone else’s life. Things that do or didn’t even affect me.

I know what it’s like to be up all night worrying, and not being able to sleep and then trying to work a 12hr day on next to no sleep and then worrying about not doing a good job at work, whilst worrying on top of my original worry.

So whether you are worrying about work, finances, your relationship or future. I have answers for that worry, and we are going to learn to combat that worry. Your situation might not change overnight, but learning to not worry will ensure no matter what the situation is you are going through you can still live a happy life despite of world circumstances.

Firstly Divine Spirit / God knew we would worry in life, knows you and I are worrying right now.. and has already given instruction about worry.

“So do not worry or anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble “ Matthew 6:34

Why are we being told this because it is true, Divine Spirit gives us all 24 hours in each day. And like an schedule or timetable we have sufficient things for each day. If you constantly worrying about tomorrow then today is being lost and wasted over tomorrows problems.

When you spend your time worrying about it it is also a sign you are not having faith or hope that something good will happen. Faith is not just some spiritual word, is not just praying, or just reading a spiritual book, watching a spiritual programme, giving money to a church and feeding the homeless. Those things are acts of faith, but faith alone is not just doing things.

Anybody can do things. Faith is believing, truly trusting strong faith is also not knowing everything that is going on.

Having faith does not provide you with all the answers but faith itself is the answer. To start we need to look towards our hope, what are you hoping for? What have you put your hope in?

Hope is an assurance of your faith and by having hope you activate your faith. When we are hoping we are using our faith and what we put in Divine Spirit / God can work with.

“ Now faith is the assurance ( the confirmation, the title deed ) of the things we hope for, being the proof of things we do not see and the conviction of their reality, faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses “

Hebrews 11:1

Ok , so let’s break this one down so we can all understand and get hold of the message for our spirit, our minds and our lives today to enable us to really take hold of this and use it to ensure we are living a happy life.

Take the first few words – ‘ Faith is the assurance , the confirmation, the title deed..)

So you are going on holiday to the seaside and hope to have a sea view room .You find that there is a room available at the hotel and so you book it.

Now,  when you book a hotel room online or by phone, they usually send you a confirmation, correct?

They send you something that is documented proof that you have a hotel room booked.

So when you turn up to that hotel you can show them your confirmation and then receive the room you hoped for, in this instance the beautiful sea view.

Our faith… is our confirmation - the sea view room- is what we hope for. We can not have the sea view room, if we don’t have the confirmation.

Do you want to know how we have a confirmation or how our faith acts like a confirmation-

It is by what we are saying and doing whilst we are in our situation and whilst we are hoping.

So if you are not having a happy life because of a worry right, maybe that worry is to do with your job or career, you worry about each pay check, worry that you are not doing a good job and that one day will have to leave or perhaps you worry because the company doesn’t seem to be doing very good and working hours are getting cut..

So you are HOPING for a better job, HOPING for a better pay check, and your hope is then leading you to act in FAITH ,

You speak out loud “ One day I know I be in a better job, I do not need to worry about pay checks because God/ Divine Spirit will help take care of me, as long as I am working the best I can I Know God/ Divine Spirit can do their part to help me

You look up Job websites and look at job adverts in magazines and papers, and say in your heart I can find the job that Divine Spirit and God think is best for me, I can apply and I can get it “

And even deeper in faith is to be saying “Next year/month/week Divine Spirit will have me in the right job, I will be working hard, not having to worry about pay checks, there is a good plan over my life. “

See by doing what I said just then, speaking as if it is reality. We are acting in faith, we are perceiving our reality what we cannot see with our senses.

Speaking out loud, "I am debt free and able to spend my money and finances wisely". When you can see the credit card bills laying on the table.

Learning to trust God will also enable you to combat worry, when worry comes you can focus on your hope, your faith and your trust to get you through and out the other side of the worry and release the worry from you.

Remember to pray, just speak from your heart to Divine Spirit and God, you don’t need special words or phrases or sayings just speak.

“ Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition ( definite requests ), with thanksgiving , continue to make your wants known to God “

Philippians 4:6

Be thankful to Divine Spirit / God about what you have, for what they have done for you, what they could do, and continue to ask with definite requests. I think that is sometimes when we just need to for ourselves to combat worry, that really is a negative energy, to repeat our prayers and continue to let God hear us, because it also continues to re affirm out faith, our hope and our trust.

When does a petition in the physical world get noticed and actioned, when many names have been added, when many people have requested. Well sometimes Divine Spirit and God can act after one prayer sometimes a single prayer or a heartfelt “ Help me God “, But also I have known times when I have felt that I need to pray, and petition and then things began to open up in my mind, my heart and my spirit and Divine Spirit showed me things that calmed my worry and confirmed with me what I was believing, But also sometimes it was more about my faith and effort.

Like a child sometimes if they really want something what do they say and do… they repeat over and over,… Oh please mummy please daddy… they make promises…. I promise I be good, I say thank you many times,…

Get ready for this…..

Also by repeating our prayer in faith and hoping…. It will stop us wallowing in self pity.. Because if you cant worry because of you have faith, then you cant feel self pitying and so then you cant keep seeking sympathy from people… oh me, oh my situation, my worry. I can’t be happy because I’m just so worried.

Do you know there are some people who are addicted to worrying? We all need sympathy and times of support and love and compassion from others, but we also need to make sure we are doing our part to step forward from those situations too.

So worry no longer can become a reason why we cannot have a happy life. So if you are truly ready to live a happy life, and I know that hearing this or reading this is difficult for some of you, annoys some of you, gets hold of the insides of some of you, but I pray and hope this shakes some of you and opens your eyes. I pray that by combating worry and focussing on what I have said, believe the spiritual messages given.

You will see that worry is no longer a reason or is no longer an obstacle and no longer able to stop you living a happy life and with that no matter the situation or circumstance that is worrying you, you can now go forth to combat it and live a happy life.

And maybe through your faith or prayer, your hope or thanksgiving petition, Divine Spirit and God will lead you to the help you may need, the advice to help you out of difficult situations, give you the grace to go through them, give you wisdom or hope, heal you, guide you and ultimately for the sake of this message enable you to live a happy life.

So the next time someone says to you why you unhappy? And you say well I am worried about… you can begin to work on what I have covered to enable you to combat the worry with faith, and bring that happiness back into your life.

I suspect some of you are going through some hard things in life, perhaps you are worried over a difficult situation. I’m not believing that God or Divine Spirit is expecting you to walk around with a big smile on your face.

But I do believe that we can still find joy and happiness in our life by just accepting that worry will show itself in us but we can do our best by combating it with hope, faith and prayer and continuing on with our life. 

" Cast your care upon the Lord and he will sustain you... "

Psalms 55:22

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