How to connect to the Full Moon energy.....

The moon magnifies.....

 The full moon is a most powerful and energy filled time for us. The connection of the moon being the ruler of emotions and feels also means at this time, the full moon acts like a magnifying glass. It heightens and draws to our attention certain emotions and feelings. It can make things seem bigger than what they are.

The moon is also the symbol of light in darkness, and connected with when those of an esoteric nature would have to practice their beliefs hidden away from others.

I was speaking to an IT Business orientated friend on a full moon and he was asking me about the energy… I had this comparison for him and perhaps you can understand it…

“ If you start a night of boozing and you are genuinely in a good mood, etc you will end up having a great night…. But if you start and there is a little worry, or upset you have been hiding or issues then you end up finishing the night on a downer and crying into a chicken kebab…. “

Why is the full moon energy so important?

A full moon energy is not always a time for decisions but it is a time of guidance and insight. You will find certain emotions or feelings and intuitiveness is heightened. It is a powerful time for those on esoteric paths….

The full moon is the light in the darkness, the guardian of mysteries. That most magickal power we all feel, intuition, gut instinct. The moon has been seen as a Goddess or even as a Grandmother carefully and loving watching over her children and Grandchildren.

The 13 silver moons of the year, the most powerful times to perform any esoteric practice.

The moon gives us strength, and when we find strength in darkness... what can hold us back?

Drawing down the moon....

There are many different practices and ways of what is called '' drawing down the moon ''

I would like you to be able to find your own way of feeling comfortable doing it. But the main essence is to be respectful and worshipful of the moon, and then ask the moon to bring down her energy into you. 

1st step is to cast your circle where the moon can shine upon it if possible...

2nd step is to call the quarters

3rd step is to welcome the moon... use a a Goddess name associated with the moon or just say Moon..

4th step is to raise your hands or athame, and ask kindly that the moon draw down her energy into you.

5th step is to accept and attune with that energy, perhaps you want to dance in worship of the full moon or thank her for her energy.

6th step if you have any estoeric or magickal work you wish to do now would be the time to do it.

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