Have I got negative energy in my home?

Read the message below as I hope to give you some guidance on whether you have negative energy in your home, which could be affecting your relationships, home life and general feeling...

Could there be negative energy in my home?


To determine whether your home is being influenced by negative energy it requires some investigation and I will detail here as much as I can to assist you in understanding whether this is the case.

Negative energy in our home is a different to the sense of a place being ‘haunted or visited by spirit energy’. Although some spirits may make their presences known more stronger than others and may come with a challenging approach that may not necessarily indicate negative energy

There seems to be this cloud hanging over everything.....

Negative energy for want of a more defining term, is kind of like a thickness or cloud hanging around the home. You may find you become displeased with anything and everything in your home. Arguments boil out of nowhere over nothing, the things that someone says in the argument can also be very telling.

For instance perhaps you are fed up that someone leaves their dirty washing on the floor… you try to discuss it and it turns into an argument… you are unhappy with their dirty washing, they are unhappy you leave the bathroom in a mess after showering…. That seems logical and can be productive you both have aired your grievances and are seeking resolution from each other. Seeking to re affirm your love and connection and also the issues you feel affecting it.

How did my inner most self depreciating thought come out of their mouth?....


But perhaps they turn and say … “ Your just mad you can’t get back in your old jeans… “

Now… You tried on your old jeans when your partner was not in the house and yes at this moment the jeans are not comfortable to wear… now only you knew about that, and maybe you said to your partner in passing.. I’m keeping these old jeans to wear them later….

What has the old jeans and the feeling they give you have anything to do with what you both were discussing or arguing about earlier… nothing.

But negative energy in the home feeds on our deepest hurts, inner negative thoughts and feelings toward ourselves….

All this junk .... physical, emotional and spiritual...

A good deep ' spring clean'  of the home is always good for the home... too much clutter and you can get clutter anxiety..... but if You find you are constantly feeling the need to sort out or move things… now we all love a good sort out and it is healthy to do so, it is also good to move things around in the home to change the energy. But if you feel like you MUST move these things.. like everything around you is giving off some negative vibe… Then you may have negative energy in the home..

Negative energy can be a psychic residue build up… a build up of every argument and negative feeling being absorbed into the surroundings. If for no medical reason, you wake up feeling tired, grouchy, moody with a gloomy out look.

Life always throws us challenges and obstacles to overcome but do you seem to constantly be hit with a run of ‘bad luck’..

The negative energy is kind of like a glass of water that has had mud, dirt, coffee, and a mixture of all sorts come into it. A home which should have clear pure energy becomes murky and cloudy.

Here they come... The Killjoy's..


Have you let people in your home who have negative energy… Do they come in slating ( speaking negatively ) about the world? Are they Mr and Mrs Doom and Gloom, do they hate to laugh unless at someone elses expense?

We all need our friends and family to boost us when we are feeling low or down... but you will know they energy of those that leave us feeling drained, that see no light in anything. This is not to be confused with someone who is genuinely depressed.

Everyone we let into our home is like who we let into our heart. They leave their mark… and like any mark left on furniture we need a good stain remover. In the spiritual case that means a house cleansing and re blessing.

If any or most of this resonates with you it is highly likely you have some sort of negative energy reside in your home.

I will cover in another message how we can go about cleansing our home ourselves, though sometimes because of our connection to the home and situations it is good to ask someone else to do it for us.

I offer spiritual cleansing and house blessings… but you can ask a good strong spiritual friend or someone nearby or your leader or minister of your faith.

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