Enjoying life is not always as easy as it sounds.... sometimes getting through the morning commute takes out all the joy you had for the day... life situations, finances, friendships, relationships and our connection with God and our faith all take a hit when we can't seem to enjoy life..
I have been in some difficult situations bullied, abused, broke/poor, jobless, homeless and more I can personally relate and I know God wants to help you... these teachings/ videos on this page are here to give guidance and teach how God wants us to enjoy our life and to deal with anything that is stopping our joy. Our joy is in God and our faith not in our circumstances but they may be hard to grasp know but trust me and watch the videos. God Bless.
God wants us to lighten up and enjoy life... See the funny side in life..

Life as we know throws at us many challenges, trails and tribulations. 
We all have lessons to learn and obstacles to overcome. We must also take responsibility for our actions and how we behave out in the world too.
In daily life we must apply common sense wisdom and responsibility. When I borrow someone else's things... it becomes my responsibility to take care of them. It would be wise of me to be serious about that responsibility so as not to be careless and damage the item and also a friendship.
In life there are times when we should be serious or as I prefer to say focused and responsible there are also times when we should lighten up and enjoy life.
Perhaps you are overly serious?,
 Never seem to relax? 
Have you a work head or serious mind set on all the time?.. That isn't Godly.. or spiritually sound...
 "... Joy comes in the morning " ( Psalm 30:5)
" To every thing there is a season and a time for every matter and purpose under heaven " ( Eccls 3:1)
What did you do today?

Have you worried since the moment you woke up?

Have you spent the day over analysing your self and every thought or feeling that has come to you?

Did you focus on something that made you happy or sad?

Did you do something for someone else and also for yourself today?

How did you treat yourself today in a good way or negative?

Is a lack of purpose, drive or your own behaviour to self bringing you down?