Does my bum look big in this?...

The age old answer if someone asked you this would be “ No “, but  from the last few years of the words from the celebrities is that big bums are in fashion.. so maybe the best answer to this is now “ Yes “ When someone asks you this they want the truth right?

Truth can sometimes be relative to the situation and what is the desired response we want.

Perhaps like when you are dating someone, everything is going well perhaps a few months have passed and you are feeling you are in love with this person…

When do you ask .. “ Do you love me? “

The truth is you want them to say Yes I love you… because that’s how you are feeling now. You wonder if I ask to soon and they are not ready…what if they pull away? Then you think of all the kind and thoughtful messages they send .. that first text with the 3 kisses xxx at the end..

So do you know already they love you or that they are on the journey of falling in love with you? Do you need to ask? Is there a way of knowing without asking them?

What if you are at a cross roads… they told you they loved you, that it would always be but now things are rocky, or they have ended it suddenly? The truth now might be that yes they love you but they aren’t sure of the relationship… that they loved you but now they have fallen out of love or that they are scared or nervous.

Many people search for the truth, trying to understand every little thing, every moment. Honesty is the best policy so “they” say. But is it really? Do we really want to know… and if so can we handle the answer if it isn’t quite what we were looking for.

One thing where truth is really important is that you should always be true to yourself. If you aren’t happy seek to change something, if you don’t like your job what’s stopping you finding a new career. If you aren’t feeling the love then seek to rekindle it or let it go. Just thinking where you could be in 3-6-12 months time….

Don’t waste the time you have… follow your heart, go after your dreams.

So…. Does my bum look big in this? Yes? No? What matters is am I am happy with how my bum looks in this… If you are questioning ‘the truth’ of a situation don’t let it play on your mind, robbing your day of what it could be..

Take a moment to get some guidance and insight and know thatwhether the bum ‘’looks’’ big or ‘’looks’’ small… you are still fabulous!

© Copyright Spiritualist Medium, Healer and Esoteric Teacher