It's great to have faith, but it is even better to put it into action.
Have you a feeling of a block, barrier or obstacle in your life?
Do you struggle to get ahead?,
 Is your dream or goal taking longer to come then you expected?
You know where God is leading you but it seems like something is always stopping you getting there...

Whether spiritual, emotional or physical obstacles are in your way, you can learn to remove obstacles with your faith by getting hold of the 5 points that Ashley shares in this video.
Each point is verse and scripture based and is from the leading of God in Ashley's own life.
Have you ever approached a situation in life where things could have go either way ... 
either turning out good or not so good?
Were your first words..
 " I doubt that'll turn out right for me ... "

Did you know doubt is one of the biggest barriers to faith and to blessings.... God can great amazing things within you and within your life.. but if you struggle to believe or have faith... God won't be able to give them to you..

God brings to mind to me now to share with you a memory from childhood... I was out taking my dog for a walk with family... following a nature trail we came to a bridge that went across the motorway/highway. 

Now the bridge was made out of metal, strong and sturdy.. when our dog came to the bridge she froze and was nervous about crossing.

 Without knowing her mind we could say yes maybe she had fear from the height of the bridge or we could say she doubted the bridge was safe. 
Doubt stops us from going where God wishes to take us and lead us... 

Don't let doubt rob you of your destiny.
 Our lovely dog did cross the bridge.. She had faith that she wouldn't fall and she would be OK. Watch this mini teaching as I discuss the importance of choosing faith even when we are feeling doubtful.

There are times in life when we need to receive encouragement...
perhaps when going for a new job interview if we have low self esteem, 
stepping out in faith because we don't have the confidence in God yet or even opening our heart to new love and there are many more personal and everyday times too. 
Perhaps you are going through a time now that you need that encouragement.

Sometimes we don't have people around us to encourage us, or unlike athletes in stadiums we don't have crowds to cheer us on..

God encourages us through the holy spirit, and directly.

We are also as part of our spiritual and love walk set out to encourage others too, even with small yet powerful words like " I encourage you to do your best "

Let this teaching shed light on encouragement and encouraging others, and help in building a stronger faith in you today.