People aren't always nice.. whether there is something negative in them working itself out, they are hurting and taking it out on others or never been in a loving environment. People can hurt people for many reasons.
 When you are the person hurt by someone it can feel like God doesn't love you which is not true. In the Bible and other spiritual texts there are many tales and testimonies of God turning peoples lives around and connecting with them through the difficult times and in spite of them. Not letting the devil or negative people/energy win.
I've been abused mentally, physically and emotionally, I was a hurting person for a long time also due to what was done to me and I made life choices that lead me all over the place and a life of despair. I never knew God properly then but I know God now.
Watch these teaching and listen to the testimonies that I will be sharing too. 
Seek the help you need from God and the people on earth tasked to do that whether that is teachers, parents, social workers, doctors, counsellors the police. Make sure you trust God and receive Gods love and healing. Just because someone has hurt you or behaved badly towards you whether mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually.
 Doesn't make you less of a person and in no way are they right for behaving that way to you. God does teach us to forgive and you may not be at that stage or ready to do that.. for now where ever you are just know God is there for you and watch these videos/ read these teachings.
 If you would like prayer please call or send in via our prayer service.

Have you been or do you know someone who was bullied?
Ever had people try to bring you down, mock you or call you names?

Ever felt like God was never going to give you what you really wanted?

If any of those things relate to you then Hannah's story will and it will encourage you to because it has a fantastic ending ...