The Autumn Equinox

How we can connect to the energy of this time and my thoughts on the symbolism and meaning of this time of year.....

A time of balancing our emotions....

An equinox is a time of balance. When daytime and nighttime are symbolically and naturally equal in length.
The timing of this equinox is spiritually important usually around 21st-23rd September. In the esoteric wheel of the year this is the last celebration before the new year which is celebrated spiritually on the 31st October.
There are two equinoxes one Spring and one Autumn.
The Autumn one in my spiritual belief and understanding is to symbolise many things one being a time of balancing our emotions. Letting go spiritually and sometimes physically of those things which we do not wish to take with us into the new year. It is also a time of ensuring we are emotionally balanced with difficult emotions, such as grief. ( Look up the Goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone )
As the next celebration deals with connecting with those that have passed before. We cannot or should not do that when we have not properly grieved for those that have passed into the afterlife before us.
It is also a time to balance our ego... some people are so afraid of egotism or selfishness that they deny themselves the pleasure of being grateful of things they have achieved or even a sense of good pride-- which is not egotism. They fear any sort of positive self emotional response as being vanity, or un-humble. Now is a time of gratitude for experiences and people and the live you had but also a time to be grateful of the things you have achieved for yourself also.
Balance your emotions at this time and see situations equally. Both with logic and emotion. A commonsense mind is well a good but an adventure-less spirit is not doing your soul any good either. Is your schedule all work and no play--- ( All work and no play makes jack a dull boy )
Are you hanging on to things emotionally that it is time to let go off and get rid of?

A time to prepare and to reflect...

We can reflect on our year and on ourselves. It is also a time of strength and renewal.. The trees lose their leaves... nature prepares to sleep... nature hibernates... some animals have stored their food.
What preparations can you make.... How can you prepare for the winter times?... Do you have soup stocked up in your cupboards? Do you have your favourite movies ready to watch?
How about taking a stroll through the woods... as we head into the darker months we also see that there is still much life.. even when we cannot see the light.
Does a tree without leaves make it less strong?
Do a spiritual cleansing... have a relaxing bath or massage.
Colours of Orange, Brown and Dark Green associate at this time.. also concurs, grapes, symbols of the vine and harvest. Like bay hales.
Why not donate some food to charity and do a harvest collection..
I am not going to tell you all the different things you can do or provide you with a set ritual. You should explore and do what feels right to you....
How about a family bonfire or a mini one and with old branches and things place a piece of parchment with some things you wish to leave behind and place in the fire and then also a piece of parchment with the things you are grateful for....
Have a blessed Autumn Equinox or Mabon xxx

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