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Thoughts on the Ministry and Services received..

Thoughts on Spiritual Healing...

I felt this warmth run through my body from the top of my head to my toes. I never felt anything like it before. It was my first time having spiritual healing.
Ashley said a prayer then placed his hands on my shoulders, on the sides of my arm and then over my head.
It was such a beautiful feeling and I felt so much better. At one point i felt over come to tears with the loving energy I felt I know everyone's experience will be different but I was so happy.

I try to stick to the Medication and Doctor's advice and Ashley told me this healing was not to be used instead of. I just thought I would feel ' spiritually healed'.. I was stunned when my knee was better for days. Like no pain at all. I will be back. You only ask for a donation when I have seen some charge extortionate prices for so called 'healings' . I was shocked. I know you trust God and Spirit and you are working from your heart and faith Wish more people were like you.
God Bless. I have booked in my next session already. :)

Thoughts on Prayer Service...

"Thank you for me, I really felt a change within myself knowing someone else was praying for me. Sometimes you don't feel like your prayers are being heard or answered. It felt wonderful to put them into someone else's hands " Natalie

" Thank you for praying for me and sending me a detailed email reply with spiritual encouragement, I am praying and focusing on what you said to. It is nice to see there is still good in the world. " Anonymous

            Thoughts on Prophecy/ Mediumship Sitting..

I am in shock.. The sitting was so accurate and the details given really hit home. I feel inspired now and connected to God and Spirit. Thank you so much

You gave details of Brother in Spirit and his behaviours around me, it was so wonderful to hear that confirmation. I was so glad I had someone who understood to talk to. I treasured this sitting. Diana

You described my ex to a T... I am always sceptical and so I revealed nothing to you. I know you worked hard and we had a laugh to, I really was able to relax. You helped me get my mindset right and I have written those inspirational words you gave down. J

The sitting gave me life, you was insightful and the desires on my heart you spoke of. I thought God was leading me that way but I just needed some extra reassurance.  Anna

I came with questions, I left with Answers i felt God for the first time and that was through your prophecy and link with Spirit. I will be back. My life is changed. I am floating on a cloud. Your energy is beautiful

I went to my father's grave today. Without saying anything, he was with you telling you everything. The details of his funeral, the sweets, the stood on flowers. It was a bit mind blowing and overwhelming but in the most lovely way. What a blessed experience with Spirit you gave. Sharon

Honest and open, I needed to see the wood for the tree's and although a little difficult you spoke truth and as you said the truth does set us free. I am free now. Thank you for the honesty I had heard so much fluff before. Winter before summer and I can see the sunshine already. Dee

I came to see you before, I had to come back again. Touching as always. Carmen

                                Thoughts on Spiritual Chat....

I was nervous at first, thinking how can I book ' just a chat' with someone.. where is the catch.
But there wasn't one. It felt like I was talking to a friend, I didn't want someone to tell me what to do or patronise me I had people be like that to me before. But you was so kind and genuine. we discussed spiritual things and things I was going through. It wasn't counselling, it was just like talking to a spiritual friend when you need one. You let the time run over and I was glad that it was just a donation service. I gave a little but I really will be back again. I am praying regularly too now, and am trusting more in God and I know it is in part thanks to you.
God Bless you Ashley x Sim

                       Thoughts on Spiritual Teachings....

Your topics and teachings are so down to earth and open. I love how  you speak honestly and from the heart. I enjoy watching the videos and hope you upload more too.

Thoughts on an event attended...

I had a sitting with you at an event, The details you gave the picture falling, the change in wardrobe, the personality and recent events that no one knew but me.
When you said things that only that person in spirit would it touched my heart, I was gobsmacked. I called my mum straight after and we laughed, cried and felt the presence of spirit. We are really grateful to God and Spirit for using you that day.

Thoughts on being a Friend of the Ministry...

I watched the spiritual teaching videos and I kept reading your facebook posts and tweets. For a long time I wanted to give to something I felt was making a difference. Your ministry maybe small but it is a niche, that many people are looking for.
The openness an acceptance without false motives truly touched my heart. God placed it on my heart for a few days and I finally listened.
I am sowing my seed... thank you