Praying for the mind and our thoughts

On this page I have added some spiritual views and details of things we can pray on and for to have a better mind and thought life.

The first thoughts of our day are like the trailer/ advert of a movie...

Our mind I have been told is the biggest battlefield we can encounter. Our mind and especially our thoughts is where it all starts. I was shown in my spirit by God that our first thoughts of the day can be like the trailer/ advert for a movie, they start to develop a story line and a feel for what is to come, the thoughts tease us and also can set our mood for the day.
So it is important in those first few moments or at least the first hour of waking we make sure to get our mind set and straightened out.
What we think we ultimately say which can have positive or negative consequences and also what we think can affect how we feel and what we believe.  I wish to share with you some things to focus on and think on which work for me and I believe will work for you too. It is not a fix all though, you will find like I do that you have to repeat some of these things more than once and sometimes a few times over.

Refresh, Renew, Restart....

If you use the internet or apps on your phone regularly you will know that sometimes you need to refresh, update or renew the pages or applications. Each time you do this the right data is restored, wrong data is deleted and new updates or details are added to make the page or app work better.
Your mind is the biggest app or computer you have, running all those background systems ( like breathing ), and also running the day to day tasks and schedules you have going on. ( Planning route to work, shopping list, sorting out the kids, your work schedule etc)
But every so often we get into times when are thinking and our minds programming is full of errors... we start thinking negative things about ourself, our mind gets stuck repeating the same things or just making up gibberish which leaves us lost and confused. It is the place where we must keep a strong spiritual focus.
God knows what our minds are like, Knows that we will have problems in our thought life, that is why we have been given guidance to help us with our mind. .. so let's start then by looking at renewing and refreshing...  everyday.
" And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind ( having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude )
Ephesians 4:23

" Dear God/ Divine Spirit, help renew my mind, help me have a fresh mental and spiritual attitude, let my thoughts align with what you think and believe of me. Let my thoughts guide me in the right way and not the wrong. If I am thinking wrong things please prompt me in my spirit and help me have a better mind and a positive thought life "


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