Send in your Prayer Requests

Send in a Prayer Request

" Again I tell you , if two of you on earth should agree ( harmonise together, make a symphony together ) about whatever ( anything and everything ) they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in Heaven " 

The power of Prayer...

Prayer is so easily misunderstood and by passed.. We all want to fix our situations, try everything we can. Nothing in any spiritual practice can by pass the need and the power of prayer. Spirits can communicate with us,, but that does not mean that we bypass God only asking for Spirits help.
Spiritual Healing can heal our spiritual and physical self., and yet the spiritual healing comes from God and Spirit. You may not know what you think of God, what you believe or feel you have the power or the 'right' to be heard by God or you don't feel comfortable.
So I invite you and ask you to send in your prayer request so I can lift up my voice to 'God' for you. You don't need to have a big need or something 'worthy' of prayer. Everything that is a matter in your heart and life is worthy of praying over and for. Maybe you just want to pray that your hair stays right today, or that you don;t lose your cool at work, or perhaps you are praying for the healing of a sick family member.

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