Prayer Service
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love and blessings to you xx

 Prayer is one of our most valued gifts. 
Our ability to connect with God and send out our thoughts, needs, desires, hopes, dreams and worship....
Whether praying for ourselves or for others. 
What can aid in our connection is others praying on our behalf too. 
When one voice becomes two, or three or four....

If you would like a voice added to yours then please send in your prayer requests.
Whether you are praying for yourself, a family member or friend... No prayer is to big or to small. Whether you just want to get through a day without frustration, or needing assistance out of a financial mess or you are looking to connect closer with God or feel a need to pray for a worldly situation,... 
whatever is on your heart or in your life. Let us pray for you.
 Send in your prayer request.

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                Spiritual Healing             
Why have ''Spiritual Healing''?

Spiritual Healing is the wonderful process of healing that comes from God and from the Spirit World.
When Spiritual healing takes place it is usually a gradual process but there has been times of fast healing.
A healer will place hands on the shoulders of an attendee or around them and will ask God and Spirit to use the healer as a channel for God and Spirit energy to come forward and begin a healing with the attendee.
My Healing Sessions last for 25 minutes and you can come for more than one session.
It is a relaxing and calming atmosphere and even if you don't necessarily have 'somethings wrong' it is always great for your inner spirit and self to connect to that beautiful healing energy.
Spirit Healing can clear any blocks or difficult energy within or around you, can heal medical illness or uplift your soul.
It does not replace any medical advise it is a complimentary not alternative healing.
God didn't give people knowledge of medicine for it not to be used.

Call 0203 633 3731 if you would like to come.

How much does a sessions cost you?

Your travel and any donation amount nothing is too big or too small it is whatever you can give.

I offer Spiritual Healing sessions 
25 minute appointments, you may book more then one appointment. For any donation amount to the ministry.

*Faith healing  
Asking God to heal by faith and send through God's healing energy.

* Mediumship healing
calling on the spirit world to send healing through a healing medium, using the contact such as placing hands on shoulders.

* Spiritual cleansing
 such as clearing of negative energy.

 I have witnessed and fully believe in the healing energy that is available to use in daily life.
 I would also never deny the knowledge that has been passed to man to heal us but a spiritual healing can touch where medicine doesn't including our spirit and our soul. 
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

To book an appointment for spiritual healing please fill in the form below or call 0203 633 3731

Spiritual Healing form

Type of Healing desired

Do you confirm that you understand the spiritual nature of the spiritual healing offered and that you will take all necessary steps as directed by medical professions and which also may be seen as common sense in regards to your health and wellbeing?