Send in your prayer request for us to pray over

Send in you prayer request with us today.
We really believe strongly in the power of prayer so let us pray over you and your situation or what is on your heart today.

Prayers can be personal, about others, about worldly situations or anything. From your home, to work, to healing the sick or finances, there is no area that prayer can not cover.

Prayer is a direct line to God and Spirit, let us pray with you today,

As part of our team, we have a wonderful Prayer Intercessor, Jeannie really has a gift of prayer, and really feels the connection with God when she prays. 
Let her pray for you today also. 

Every prayer is important to god. 

You are not forgotten, but in your times of need let others pray for you too and see God work in your life.
You can also call for prayer on 

0203 633 3731