The Power of Life and Death is in the tongue....

" Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it
 ( for death or life )"

What the above proverb is telling us, is that what we say shall either bring life or death into our lives.
We need to be careful what we say.
When you feel the urge to speak about something to someone ensure that it is in right motives and for a good reason.
If we want to have a more blessed, happy , enjoyable life we need to be aware of what we are saying and how our words can affect us and effect others.
Our words are powerful.... 

Words like  "I love you. Come here... Go away... I can't stand....."
Bring forth such emotion in us and affect anyone who hears them...
But even our everyday talk, to friends, family, our partner, our colleagues all have power too. Your words are so powerful they can bring blessings to and they can also hold you back.
What you say about yourself, a situation or even your future really do affect you on the spiritual and so then affect you on the physical.

We need to focus our prayer and have a spiritual focus on what we say. This page I hope will help you do this.