''I been thinking about this all day.... Oh no here I go again..... I thought when you said that it meant this.... I think I am never going to make it happen.... I thought about this for a long time..... What's going on in my mind? ''

Have you ever been thinking about something so much, that it got you in a right mood and you couldn't seem to let it go?
I was reminded recently by God and Spirit of when I had been thinking about something someone had said to me about 20 years ago. I was thinking and thinking and thinking about it, how the situation went, what they said what I said. 
I started to feel angry, then upset then moody. I had mentioned it in passing to a friend in the morning, then it came about that I spoke to that friend again in the evening and I started to mention it again and my friend said " Have you been thinking about that all day, is that why you are in such an odd mood?...."
It was at that moment that God and Spirit had opened my eyes, I had a clear thought and voice say to me, You know your friend is right...
I then had an understanding and lesson on my thoughts, I had spent the whole day feeling awful, not paying attention to my work, just feeling lousy, I barely touched my lunch. I then realised thinking all on that situation had lead the way I felt all day. By the end of the day I just felt rotten, I even thought at one point I was getting sick. My thoughts had done this to me.

Now there is nothing wrong in remembering something or even post analysing a situation. But when it takes over a whole day, and leads your emotions into a negative place for an entire day. There needs to be some balance and some wake up call.

When we start to worry, or even ponder too deeply especially on situations we can not change we need to turn those thoughts and situations over to God. I lost all my peace, joy and happiness for an entire day all because I didn't stop myself and say OK enough, I have thought about this enough. God I give you these thoughts and the situation to you. Let me have the freedom to get on with my day knowing you have it in your hands and that spirit are always with me. I don't need to worry and any guidance you give me I wish to be ready and able to receive it.

Many times when we are worrying, God and Spirit have an answer or guidance for us , but we fill our head with some much junk thinking that they can't get a 'word in edgeways' and we aren't able or ready to hear it.

Pray today that you won't let negative thoughts take over your emotions and lead you on a day feeling down, unhappy, moody or resentful. If you are worrying, then turn that situation over to God and trust in faith that you will be given a sign or answer, but if that doesn't come straight away do not be discouraged, Know and trust that God is working in your life today,
What do you think about yourself?

Are you thinking good things or negative?
Do you believe in yourself or do you doubt your every move?

When you do something do you say in your head, Why am I so stupid? ... I am so useless...

Our negative thinking can be self inflicted, we thinking negative things about ourselves then we tell people what we think of ourselves.

Don't put yourself down with your thoughts, usually what we think we end up saying.
A phrase I heard once says
 " What we think or say ourselves we believe "

Don't believe what is not true about yourself. That can start by not comparing yourself to others or what you think you should be towards others. God doesn't make mistakes, no one is perfect no matter if they have perceived beauty or intelligence.

You are who you are so love yourself in a spiritually positive way, and think positive about yourself. Remember you can do all you need to do by the grace of God.

" As we think in our heart, so are we ." ( Adapted from Proverbs 23:7 "

Pray today God I ask you to help me stop thinking negative things about myself and putting myself down, I know you love me just as I am you see past all good and negative things I do. You forgive me all my wrong doings. Help me to think of myself in a better way each and everyday. Thank you God. Amen.
What we think about when we wake up can determine how we spend our entire day.  Even how we act and behave to how we feel for that day.

When we wake up and our first thoughts are all the things we think or feel are wrong in our lives or even wrong with ourselves, we start the day feeling defeated and low. We set ourselves up for a bad day thinking like this....
" Oh I got that meeting today at work, I know my boss doesn't like me, I really think this is going to be awful, why am I bothering to go..."
That example is so full of negative thinking, that is not only going to bring us down, but are thoughts that lack faith and wisdom.

Starting the day right with our thinking is the best step forward. If you wake up with thoughts like that, use your faith in your thoughts....

" Oh I got that meeting today at work, Well I trust God knows what to do and will be with me. I know I work hard, perhaps my boss and my personalities don't fit, but I believe my work speaks for itself. I am strong and confident to go forward into this meeting with a right attitude, I can't change others behaviours but I can make sure I am doing the best I can. I know Spirit will lead me to where I need to be "

Pray today when you wake up that your thoughts will start you off right and lead you into having a good , positive and faith filled day.
Do you ever start a conversation with yourself in thought?

I remember once when a colleague of mine years back made some people coffee but didn't ask me...
" Well I knew she didn't like me... always trying to be nice to people just to get what she wants... I always ask her if I see her ... and there I was listening to her problems at lunch..... "

It can be the littlest of things that sets our mind and thoughts racing sometimes in the completely opposite direction to where they should be going. We think we know....but do we?

I could have asked her for coffee or gone and made myself a cup. Well 10 minutes later which in thought time can seem like eternity. she had to come over and speak to me about something. Carrying her coffee of course... She started speaking and as soon as she looked down her facial expression changed... " Oh my goodness did I not offer you coffee.. I must have thought you already had one...."

I agree this is a little judgemental, petty example, But we do the same thing millions of times.  

We start thinking we know what other people are thinking, or we know why they are doing what they are doing. We start feeling all superior, and yes sometimes through intuition God or Spirit reveal peoples intentions toward us but it is in a loving and peaceful way. Not one that gets our 'back up, or our ego inflated'.

Our thoughts don't always tell us the truth, so make sure when you are thinking something you question it and say wait hold on a minute Do I really know that? Especially when it comes to other people. Believing the best of others and learning to trust God and Spirit will also help in this area of thought.

Pray today that any ' knowing' thoughts or thoughts on others you will question and check what you are thinking with actual truth. Pray that you can be aware of truthful , intuitive thoughts and lying ones. If you don't know ask God and Spirit if it is important to you or affects your life but if not move on to thinking about other things.