What is spiritual peace? .... How do we live in peace?....... What is God's peace? What can we do to live peacefully?
Do you live your life feeling frustrated, worried or anxious?

Well that is not how God wants you to live nor believes you should live. Easy to say I know. Troubles, trials, tribulations and stresses of life reach us all. We can't ignore those situations or even try to hide from them.

Living in peace and God's peace ( that peace which comes from having a connection and relationship with God) is given freely.
To live in peace we need to lean on and trust in God. 

We need to live practically and use wisdom. If you are spending all your time trying to keep everyone happy and not resting or sleeping enough, you are not living practically and wisely. 
Spend time with God and prayerfully consider everything on your schedule and every ' need ' that people are asking you to meet.

Burning yourself out mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually is not spiritual or what God and Spirit would desire for you.

" Acquaint yourself with him ( agree with God and show yourself to be conformed to his will) and be at peace, by that ( you shall prosper and great) good shall come to you "

When you are living life to what you feel is the will of God for you, you will be able to live in peace. If you are riding out a storm, you can still feel peaceful because God is there with you, if it is in his will for you to ride this storm.

You can live peacefully in a challenging relationship if the relationship is God's will. If God is giving you grace and mercy and love.

 Perhaps negativity is attacking your relationship and is God's will for you to stay against it in faith.

When you don't have a sense of peace about something ask God to show you whether it is in his will. We all have our freewill and choices too in life. Choose to live a peaceful life. Just because something is hard, difficult or a challenge doesn't mean it is not divinely purposed for you, but if it is right for you God can give you the grace to go through the situation and maintain your inner peace through your connection with God.

PRAY TODAY that you can trust and lean on God confidently and ask God to share with you if you are not operating in his will for your life. Even if you aren't know that God is always available to you. Give your troubles to God prayerfully and ask for his peace.
Steps to seeking and finding peace.

  • Put God first in all that you are doing or thinking of doing
  • Look at what is taking up your time but is not producing ' fruit' in your life
  • Forgive others quickly and resolve any issues you have with people. Even if that means in the extreme case of stepping back from them or no longer being around them.
  • Make time for peaceful activities, such as meditation, listening to music, having spiritual healing
  • Do not be easily offended
  • The truth of peace is that is something which is given on the inside of us, to live in peace we grow it out of us. Although areas of natural beauty or a place of silence can be peaceful, the true peace comes from taking time to sort out our inner spirit then we can feel that peace.
  • Stop with the ' Fear Of Missing Out/ FOMO' Schedule time for you, do not overload you schedule , God can make anything happen for you if it is in Gods will for your life. Plan things that you want to do or desire to do, but in that same respect make sure they are things that give you peace.
PRAY TODAY that God will show you ways that you can seek and find peace in your life every single day, no matter your circumstance.
Ask that spirit draw close to you in moments in which you are seeking peace, both mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Romans 12:18Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. "

When you first read this it will probably speak to you about making peace with people you have hurt, or have hurt you. But looking deeper it is also a message to make peace with ourselves. 

Are you still angry or upset with yourself? 

Do you live without peace because you wish you was a different way?

Do you not forgive yourself for mistakes you have made?

God forgives us when we ask of God's forgiveness, Spirit in the spirit world come into a new understanding of love and forgiveness when they cross over. 

It is not wrong for us to desire to be more spiritual, healthy or live a different way or look it, but when those desires or goals stop us from living peacefully or happily where we are then there is spiritual unbalance. 

The first step is to accept God and Spirits love, and learning to love yourself 'warts and all'.

PRAY TODAY that God and Spirit will guide you into making peace with yourself and with others. Even if that means about coming to terms and making peace with your past, present or future. Ask that God not only shows you forgiveness but helps you to forgive and make peace with others. If it is about goals or dreams or changes that haven't come forward that leaves you without peace, pray on those and seek for God to help you in these and that Spirit can guide you, making sure that they are the will and desire of God for your life. You can't have an answer prayer if you don't pray for it.