Our faith is not just for one situation, we have many different experiences that arise in life and have many opportunities that God presents to us to have a new beginning.
Whether you are moving, starting a new personal goal,perhaps a new career or relationship, or perhaps are starting a fresh, having a do over or attempting to make progress into a new deeper level of relationship with God or a partner. Then you need to actively be operating in faith.
So we will look at different areas of prayer and teaching to do with having faith for new beginnings. 
Are you looking to be in a new relationship? 
Or even start a fresh with the person you are with?
Perhaps you have never been able to trust love in your life, perhaps those who were meant to love you disappointed you or hurt you?

Any hurt that we hold in our heart can make our heart heavy, make us become less caring and loving towards others and can leave us with a 'stony heart'.
God loves us freely and unconditionally and it is from that love within us and knowing and receiving that love that we can begin to open our hearts to building relationships with others.
It is good for us to know that when we focus and put our trust and love towards God God can and does help us with our heart. God can take your hurt and stony heart and give you a brand new one. A spiritually strong heart, which you can guard from hurt and which you can learn to love others wisely with.

" And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone .... and give you a new heart of flesh... "

God can heal us anywhere that we are hurting, in our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional areas. If you are looking to have faith for a new beginning of love, building relationships or starting a new chapter within a relationship you already have then focus today on the verse above.

PRAY TODAY God hurt and pain have settled in my heart for too long, and I realise that perhaps it has become stony, unfeeling and uncaring or even unwilling to love others. Please give me today a new heart and spirit. Put within me the heart that you desire me to have. Let me learn to love again, and let me do it with your wisdom. Let me receive your love today God as I love you God. Help heal me where I am hurting and I thank you for this new opportunity, new heart and spirit to go forward. AMEN

" I do not consider, that I have captured and made it my own ( yet), but one thing I do ( it is my one aspiration ) forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead "

To have a new beginning you got to let go of what lies behind you. You can not allow your past to define your future. Your aspiration should be like in the verse above and forget what lies behind. Forget all the times things didn't go as planned, forget the negative things said to you, forget what you can't do and instead put your hope and faith in what God can do for you.
I really love the use of the words ' straining forward' .
I once went to watch a parade in the crowd, as I watched the other people you could see them strain forward to see what lay ahead, to see if the could see the parade coming, and see the dancers or the parade floats.
When we spiritually strain forward, we are praying and hoping in faith, we are asking with thanksgiving to God for what we are looking forward to and asking if it be the will of God. We are using wisdom and thinking ahead to what we may need to do or prepare.
Maybe it's time you spiritually strained yourself forward, get active in your faith for your new beginning and forget about and leave behind anything that would hold you back or keep you stuck.

PRAY TODAY and Ask God to help you forget what lies behind and to help you focus on what lies ahead. Ask God to show you an area within yourself and your life that could be holding you back from having a new beginning and with thanksgiving to God ask God to show you what lies ahead and how you can prepare for it.