If we are to walk our path and live our life to the fullest that God has planned for us and that we desire.
We must learn, pray and focus on embracing our journey.
When you give someone a hug, you embrace them, your connect with them, your draw them close to you and you hold on to them.
The same thing goes for our life and journey, we have to embrace our journey, on this page I will be sharing different areas to focus and pray on so that you can fully embrace all that life is offering you.
Do you want to walk around the same path again or arrive at your destination?

When you begin to embrace your journey, future and destiny you start to walk a path with God.
Many times God guides and shows us in heart, mind, word and intuition where our next step is.

It is a good idea that if you are in agreement with God that you would like a new Job you should prayerfully ask God about a marker point. Say in two months time I would like to have had an interview.

Or take for instance that you are embracing cleaning your house. Perhaps you give yourself two weeks to do it. You pray and plan how you will do it. 
So if I asked you " How long do you think it will take to clean your house? "
You could reply " Well maximum 4 weeks but God willing two weeks .. "

When we trust God and embrace the Journey God has for us, we work on Gods timing and that does not always make us feel comfortable, sometimes we would like things to change or enter out life sooner then God has planned. Equally when God is steering our ship, God knows how long things could take us too....

The Israelites went on a journey that should have taken 11 days... they ended up in the wilderness for 40 years.
They stopped accepting and appreciating the good things God was doing, they complained against God and they did not embrace what God had for them.

When you are following what God is leading you to , make sure you don't get yourself stuck. Perhaps by a wrong mindset, emotional attitude or lack of spiritual maturity.
Make a point of being thankful to God and Appreciating everything that is happening as you walk your path even if you don't see or feel anything.
Having a marker point, can tell you and remind you to re pray and get in agreement with God again to check that you are doing all that you should be doing and that you are still following Gods lead.
Maybe you won't have had an interview in two months, but God would let you know to keep having faith but also open you to any areas that maybe holding you back.

I encourage you to 
PRAY TODAY God I don't want to be stuck in the wilderness 40 years because, I didn't appreciate or embrace what you had for me. I would like to reach the goals and destinations you have for me.
Please show me and guide me God and prepare me so I am ready to embrace and reach where I need to be. Please show me or give me a marker point God so I can make sure I look back and then look forward to see how far and appreciate how far I have come with you. 

God knows all about you...

To some that might feel wonderful and to others reading this it might make us feel nervous. Let me assure you God knows you inside and out..
God knows our inner hearts desires...
God forgives us our wrong doings, and loves us unconditionally.

You need to accept this and realise this with all your heart and mind. Before you can even begin to embrace your journey, you need to have some acceptance and welcoming of God into your life.

Be honest and open with God have a talk out loud it might go like this....

" God you know all about me, I know you love me, that is hard for me to understand right now, but I open my heart, mind and life to you God. I ask of your forgiveness, I may not fully understand this either. But I know that I can reach out to you and you hear me. I am ready to embrace you God and I am ready to make steps forward... Let me start my journey with you. "

If at first you don't succeed God can let you try again.... 

There was once a man called Jonah, he  knew what God wanted him to do but he did something else.
Why did he do that?...because he was afraid.

When you read the story of Jonah, you realise that God gave him a second chance and allowed him to do what God was asking him.

Why do I tell you this?.... Because to embrace our journey we must be willing to not only trust God about where we are heading but also we need to be aware when a non realistic sense of fear or anxiety is holding us back.

Perhaps you are looking to have better or different job, but fear of changing work places, or studying is holding you back.
Maybe you already have that new job, or the interview lined up but anxiety is holding you back.
To embrace our journey we must be willing to trust god in all things, and know that God is with us and that we are made to succeed in life.
If you didn't do as you believe God led you to do then know that God can give you a second chance to embrace your journey, to take that opportunity.

PRAY TODAY I would like you to think and openly Pray and ask God if there is something that is holding you back from embracing your journey and ask that God and Spirit help you through it. Perhaps it is to do with past experiences or perhaps you are afraid of your dreams or desires coming true.