Forgiveness is a key to freedom. We can become free of bitterness and resentment. I have heard it said many times before that not forgiving someone is basically like

" Taking poison hoping that someone else will get sick from it "

You can spiritually poison your own heart and spiritual walk by not forgiving others. Just to put it in balance because I know some of you will have had some very hurtful situations, just because you forgive someone does not mean you need to keep them in your life.

God wants us to learn to forgive and to forgive quickly it helps us and the other person. Sometimes we even need to focus on forgiving ourselves as well.

I encourage you to read through this page with an open heart and mind especially if forgiveness is new to you or you are not feeling ready to forgive let God guide you and work with you today on the area of forgiveness.

What would happen if a past mistake was completely covered up and buried in forgiveness?

When someone hurts us it can be hard for us to forgive them, but even when we do sometimes we still end up talking about it or telling everyone. Well this person did this and I forgave them ...etc

Especially when it is someone close to us, we are guided to cover peoples mistakes spiritually. But there is a blessing to that person when we can forgive them and bury it.

When two people argue and fall out of friendship... when they forgive and come back together in friendship it is know as " Burying the hatchet ".

Spiritually once we seek or do forgive someone then we should seek to bury and cover their mistake or wrong doing. We reap what we sow. So when they are blessed because of our actions, we are also reaping a blessing towards ourselves.

Wouldn't you feel unhappy if someone says they had forgiven you but then years later decided to bring up something you did wrong. Or perhaps even decided to tell everyone you knew about it?

" Blessed and happy and to be envied are those whose iniquities are forgiven and whose wrong doings are covered up and completely buried "

PRAY TODAY God please help me in my forgiveness towards others to ensure that I keep the wrongdoing covered up and buried, let my forgiveness bring them a blessing, and please also help others to forgive me in the same intention.

We are forgiven through our forgiveness...

Did you know that God forgives us through our forgiveness of others?

Of course God is always listening to our prayers and hearing our thoughts to God. But you did you know we are asked to let go of anything that we hold against anyone to receive forgiveness from God.

When we come in prayer to God we should try to do it with nothing against anyone. God knows that is not always the case, when we are upset or frustrated or feel we have been wronged of we go to God and ask for help and what to do. But in forgiving others God is more able to forgive us when we have done something wrong.

" And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone forgive him and let it drop, ( leave it, let it go), in order that your Father in Heaven may also forgive your own failings and shortcomings and let them drop "

I believe if we are to ask of forgiveness which sometimes we need many times a day, we must also at least acknowledge where we can and need to forgive others.

PRAY TODAY " Ask God if there is anyone that God feels you need to forgive, and if you feel you are not ready ask God to help you be ready to forgive and also if you have never done before, ask God to forgive you today for any shortcomings you may have done. It could also open the door for someone to come forward and forgive you."

 To truly love is to forgive and forget....

There are many ways that love operates and one you love with a spiritual understanding you can see that loving in a spiritual way can be different to how the world perceives us to love but you will see how powerful it is.

..... ( LOVE) .. it takes no account of the evil done to it
( it pays no attention to a suffered wrong )

So how can we pay no attention to a suffered wrong. By forgiving it as quickly as possible. By giving the wrong and hurt to God and saying. I love this person, or I want to walk in Love God help me to forgive and pay no attention to this suffered wrong. It doesn't mean we need to allow that person to do it again and if it is a serious wrong that we don't seek the help or justice required. It means we forgive them and seek to act in Love.

If you wish to truly and deeply love your partner then you should not in a disagreement bring up something they did in the past.
If you wish to show a family member or friend love then forgive them when they wronged you and pay no more attention to it.

I also feel the paying no attention to it means that we trust in God with all our heart and mind, know that God is bigger than any situation and trust that any suffered wrong can be worked out for good.
We don't just ignore the suffered wrong, we go out and be kind and bless that person who wronged us. 

PRAY TODAY .. God I am trying to learn to forgive as you would have me forgive, I also know that I need to learn to do this in love. Please show me how to forgive and operate in love by paying no attention to a suffered wrong. Help me also know when forgiveness is good in my heart and when to leave unwise situations and negative people.