So what do I believe?

Scroll down to find out as I answer some questions...

My spiritual pathway... more than just one road to follow...

I struggled for years trying to do everything 'right' the way such and such said it should be.... feared who I was, and who I am.... Then I realised... I am who I should be. I know myself..

There is so much uniqueness and difference in our world, both in nature and humanity... We look different, speak differently... so which religion or spiritual pathway is the right one?

Your one, the one you feel vibrates through your entire being the one that draws you closer through love and you feel it in your soul.. not through fear or worry or the thought that you are not good enough. 

More than believing ... there comes a great time when you have a true knowing.. and that is the most powerful and blessed thing you can receive and achieve.

Who do you pray to?

I pray to the divine energy, the source of everything that is good. I also feel that their creations of nature should try to be respected and worshipped in someways too.

The Native Americans believe in " Great mystery " the great spirit that is in everything and unites us all. Mother Earth and Father Sky. I can understand and respect that.

Myself I call the Divine Energy God,The Divine Spirit, I believe it is of both genders and none, a spirit an energy with which we all connect. I pray to ' God' , the name is not important to me, but the respect of the energy and the worship of the entity is.

 I worship what is good, and do my best to fight what I feel is bad... but that is rocky ground in the history of religions and spirituality, bad things can just be your perspective it's best not to jump into any conclusions.

OK....So what religion are you?..

I feel.. I am not any 1 religion...

I respect spiritualism and follow that because of the understand and knowledge of mediumship due to my family background and the principles by which they stand... and yet I am eclectic

I can also find comfort in reading some verses of the bible... my hands don't burn and i don't hear any your going to hell... I think some things that are written about ' God' and ' Love' and ' Faith' transcend the boxes we call religion... I mean lets face it if there was one religion for everyone... wouldn't we all be following it.

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