Make a regular donation of any amount monthly to the  help support the spreading Gods love, the teachings of Christianity and Spiritualism.
You will be supporting the outreach which gives to 7 different charities, and prayer and healing service. 
You will also be supporting the creation of the Teaching videos and resources.
Why become a friend ?

Firstly I would love to have you as one of our friends..

True spiritually minded friendship is based on love, respect and support.

Friendship allows us to focus on the goodness of friendship, by becoming a friend with me you make a decision to help those that use and find comfort in my services and outreach, help support and you show a commitment to God that you are wholeheartedly with me.
In return

* You are sowing a seed and by doing so you are growing blessings in your life
* We prayer over you daily and so you shall have a continous Prayer Covering
* A home visit each month for a spiritual chat , healing and prayer included as part of your monthly donation.
*Invitation to special evenings and lunchs
* Know that you are following God by helping us to help others through the outreach that we do.

Become a friend  online in 2 easy steps or you are welcome to  call me today and we can do it all over the phone.

1st- Fill in the friendship set up for form
2nd- Click on the sow a seed section to fill in further details

Friendship Set Up Form

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