Meet our current ministry team and connect with us .... We love to hear from you if you do have any questions please feel free to call or email us.. just go to the contact us page...
Our Spiritual Teacher/ Minister and Founder...

God has taught him much through the trials and tribulations of his life both deeply and generally.
Having been through Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual abuse, temptations and more.
He has been blessed with a heart that wants to reach out to the hurting, gifted with prophecy and communication with spirit. As well as teaching he truly feels God has called him to work in a new way and to bring light into this world and love.
Founding An inclusive ministry welcoming lgbtqia community and all with an open heart and a desire to know God and live a good life.
Guiding people forward using his gifts and connecting in love.
He shares personal stories and testimony on the awesome power, love, grace of God.
Ashley is partnered in a loving, believing partnership.

Our Prayer Intercesssor...

As well as all the team praying for you and for many situations and communities across the world, we also have our designated prayer intercessor. 

Caring, empathic, sympathetic and deeply moved and passionate. This lovely lady has even spent years praying over situations to then see God work in awesome ways. 
Never not willing to help someone in need or show love and kindness.
God has lead her through many challenging life situations, from a family of 8 brothers and sisters she is no stranger to the love and hurt that can come from family and relationships.
Even through the suffering of her own health matters she still prayed for others and trusted in God through her deep faith.
Jeannie takes prayers as one of our greatest opportunities to be with God and never misses a moment to go for silent prayer.
She is truly gifted with praying deeply and closely with God. Let Meet Jeannie Christmas and please Send in any Prayer Requests you have by clicking here 
Our Ministry Assistant and Photographer..

A heart full of God's love, this gentleman is the true nature of the word gentleman.
Compassionate, caring and thoughtful, his love walk is a powerful and shakes the devil every time he takes a step.
Adam grew up in a small village in Poland, in roman catholic faith. He was always filled with the spirit but didn't know how to bring it out.
A faithful man to God, his partner and friends he is a great part of our ministry and we thank God for him every day.