connecting spirit to spirit, receiving the messages from those in the spirit world.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the communication between those in spirit, to communicate to those in the physical realm by way of a medium. In doing so they can provide evidence and proof of the afterlife, convey messages to those in the physical realm about themselves ( the spirit communicator), the sitter ( person or persons attending a sitting ).

To book a sitting use the details below all sittings are for 20-25 minutes and available for any donation amount payable before the sitting and to secure it.

To book a sitting use the contact details below 

Donation of £25

£ 25 

Donation of £25 for a mediumship sitting. MS Page

How are the donations/payments for services and finances managed?

well for every £1 received 

20p is given for the work of Ashley Summers (20%)

80p goes to the costs and Charity giving. (80%)

So by you receiving a reading, purchasing from the store or donating to Ashley summers for a service received, we are then able together to sow our seeds and help others via different charities. So know that you are not only receiving a spiritual service you are giving a spiritual service. 


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