My Mediumship and Intuition Readings

Live Show

Watch anywhere in the world and get interactive...

A live interactive show...

Where I will seek to communicate with Spirit and give intuitive readings to those watching....

by responding to comments live and interacting you could be connecting with...

you can also ask questions and connect that way as well.

The show is free to watch and free interaction.

Donations are welcome. For show dates and times check  my facebook events page..

Where can I watch the show?

You can watch the show by going to the facebook page.. when the show is due to go live and goes live it will appear on the page.

If I feel like a message is for me what should I do?

Comment or reply... say Hello and give a thumbs up or send a heart when you first begin viewing.. then as the show starts you will see the interaction... if I am connecting to Spirit or intuitively and you feel like the details connect with you say what details and comment... Don't miss your chance of a message

Donation for Live Show

£ 3 

Did you enjoy a reading from the Live Show, why not consider donation and sowing a seed that could reap a great harvest in your life. Show support so more live shows can be given. Donation for the Live Show. LS page

To watch previous shows go to the facebook page and click the videos section


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