Intuitive Readings

 Book yourself an intuitive reading today, for an in person, over the phone or via skype or zoom. private and personal intuitive reading.

Let me use my heightened intuition and my connection to Divine and Spirit, my ''psychic'' senses, to reveal and give guidance and insight to the situations in your daily life, be it work or love, friendships, family or your own spiritual development.

You can have a reading by contacting directly or by using one of the services that I offer my services through.

Details provided below.

Book direct for an any donation amount Intuitive reading session that lasts for 20 minutes via phone, skype, or please come and see me face to face in London or Lincolnshire. 

Then make your donation to secure your Intuitive Reading Appointment today. Use the links below.

Our Spiritual outreaches are supported by the Spiritual Services offered and the donations received so thank you for your kind donations x

Donation of £25

£ 25 

A donation of £25 to the ASM Ashley. I.R page

Donation of £10

£ 10 

A donation of £10 to ASM Ashley. I.R Page

How are the donations/payments for services and finances managed?

well for every £1 received 

20p is given for the work of Ashley Summers (20%)

80p goes to the Ministry for costs and Charity giving. (80%)

So by you receiving a reading, purchasing from the store or donating to Ashley summers for a service received, we are then able together to sow our seeds and help others via different charities. So know that you are not only receiving a spiritual service you are giving a spiritual service. 

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