Home visit service

Have me visit you...

What can a home visit offer me?

My home visiting service is available for different reasons...

*For those who would rather have a face to face sitting, chat or meeting in their own home.

*It is also available for anybody that wishes to have their home cleansed of negative energy, blessed, or to see if spirit is around in their home.

* To have spiritual healing in the comfort of your own home, especially if you are feeling under the weather.

How can I have you visit me?

To have me visit you, just call me, send a private/ direct message via facebook, email or use the form below to request your visit. Due to time and distance not all home visits can be granted but I do my best to visit as many people as possible.

Some type of donation towards travel before the visit is appreciated, obviously costs of travel and time are taken in consideration. But before any home visit close or further away I do pray and ask spirit about each and every visit. So please do send in your request and I hope to be able to accept and book it.

Home Visit Request form

Reason for homes visit

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