I share Experiences that I have had with Spirit..

These experiences I share are personal and show the intelligence of Spirit and of listening to spirit, God and intuitive senses. I have also included some Spirit Photography in which Spirit have appeared.

 Spirit took a hold of me and called to me to save someone's life..

I discuss when I first did some automatic writing and why Intention is important when working with Spirit and for God

Spirit gives instructions and I listen...

Spirit saved me from a lit firework that was through at me.. an amazing moment...

Spirit saved me and my friend from serious injury and find out why...

I listened to Spirit and I would encourage you to do so as well. Who knows what you might be doing for you and for God and Spirit.

I share when Spirit said no to the Spirit Board and why..

Yes that's right Spirit helped me when I was on a date and that date changed my life, I thank God and Spirit 

Yes you got that right I was a single young man.. and I went to meet someone at a hotel, and Spirit had a different Idea, it is not crass or rude, it is spirit taking the opportunity to give a much needed message.

When Spirit first came to me..

I share when my sexuality has played a part in following Spirit and doing what God asked..

Spirit Photography

First picture I was taking of a fox I could hear in garden at night, if you look you can see the fox just sat on the ground, the reason I saw the fox was as you can tell the garden light had come on. You can clearly see the shape of a spirit figure in the picture that was not visible to me it is only when I saw the picture after taking it that I saw the Spirit.

In this picture below, It was the week I was leaving the pub I was working in and living in as a duty manager, I was setting up the pub early around 8am, there was one chef who was out the back of the building in the kitchen, I took this picture of the mirror/sign behind the bar and posted on facebook, it is only when looking at it that you see the spirit in the picture frame behind me, the picture frame was empty as one of the things I was doing that morning was removing all old promotional posters awaiting delivery of the new ones. Look closely under the letter C.

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