Have you felt drawn to do more for God or had a sense, a knowing, a feeling of purpose or a calling to help others and do more for others spiritually. If yes then you have been drawn to the right page. Here I will share chats on that very nature, being the Light for God, being a light worker, an Earth Angel, a Good Samaritan and lover of people.

Take the first steps to being a light worker below.. Start your development today.. 

Ever wondered if you should call yourself a light worker? See the spiritual answer..

Being a light worker requires us to stay spiritually focused, keeping our eyes on God and our senses open to Spirit... Doing the right thing even when around us it seems no one else is can make the difference.. Learn more in the chat below.

Have you ever seen those impressionist shows, where people do voices or act like others, they can be so great to watch, when you see all the little things that people do that can be impersonated... you should see me in the shower singing LOL, ... though there is a spiritual impersonation we can adopt and it can be the greatest impression....


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