This Ministry is an inclusive Christian Spiritualist ministry.

We have a unique calling, a light to shine.

Combining two love based and truth based ways of living from God and Spirits messages of love and inclusiveness at the heart.

I know there are many who find comfort, connection to God and Spirit through all that is offered at this ministry.

We give and we receive that is the way that God asks, and that is the same here. Our outreach is supported by the Spiritual Services that are offered and the donations received. 

We are and I am so grateful for you sowing your spiritual seed here, I truly believe you will see God do great things in your life because of it.

We might be small now but I believe we can grow to be bigger and reach more people with God and Spirits inclusive love, I ask if you can help then please do give a small donation, or maybe come back regularly and give as little as £2 a month

£24 a year might seem small to you but believe me it makes a huge difference. 

Donation of £2

£ 2 

A donation of £2 to Ashley Summers , Ministry. DSG

Donation of £24

£ 24 

A donation of £24 equivalent of £2 a month for a whole year. Thank you and God bless you x

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