What is dedication?

It can be like a promise to continue to do or be involved in an action no matter how hard or difficult it becomes.

Certain career paths require you to be “dedicated to the job “- Athletes for instance have to dedicate themselves to the physical training, the time, and effort and the healthy lifestyle that requires.

Dedication is required to achieve the results- The wilful answer of “ Sure I will do that “ or the saying “ Yes “ just to please an authority figure is not enough. Without dedication the possibility of achieving the desired results is not even close to fruition.

Some people have dedicated themselves to harming themselves and then wonder why a quick fix is not possible.

I know this from personal experience and good hearted naivete.

Looking back with hindsight and spirit opened eyes I see how I was dedicating myself to negative behaviours and toxic situations.

Toxic relationships that poisoned my mind, emotions, body and spirit.

I know it may seem to odd to use the word dedication when we associate it with such positive meaning, but I had to have been dedicated to stay and suffer in such circumstances.

What started out as a desire to help someone through love and spiritually kindness, became a toxic battle ground. I became dedicated to the cause but to my detriment. I spent hours, days, months, years trying to fit in, to compromise my values and beliefs and to spend time and money on things that were destroying me and my very essence.  

My ego lead me to believe I was invincible that I was strong enough, that I could change them, to set them free. I was dedicated to the battle but by the end I was overcome, I was defeated, I was twisted and torn and a shell of the former self. I was not strong enough.

That’s hard to admit that my strong will and spirit was worn down, bended, manipulated, my desire to heal, to help and to save was weakened and taken advantage of. With my defences well and truly down I was a playground for evil.

I make a heartfelt apology to God and to those in Spirit who continually mustered up the strength and energy to send me sign after sign, sense after sense, vision after vision until finally breaking me free.

And just when I started to rebuild an even worse “wolf in sheeps clothing “ appeared. As I was weakened this one’s sweet promise was to show me how to be the strongest of the strong. The most powerful.. What a temptation.. to a soul feeling powerless.

Already broken from one mission to be the saviour, I went into another this one even more darker as if in some sort of punishment to myself.

We are called to heal, to help and to love, but there are right settings and placement for that and those who have that life dedication or spiritualsensitivity can become easily taken advantage and spend their life being depleted by those who don’t really want help.

Once again God and Spirit had to force the hand and free me. Once again my spiritual senses were wiped out, again a shell. Again throughout God and Spirit continued to send signs and push me forward.

I had dedicated my life to the service of God and Spirit and yet felt it like a target had been placed on my head spiritually, why? Because I had not learned enough, not progressed enough not spent time in the power and spirituality enough. I had the sense and feeling but not the knowledge. I had not dedicated myself to the learning required. Like a child playing doctors and nurses or a first aider going into do a complicated surgery. I had the want and desires, I knew how but I didn’t know the real knowledge. That’s what can happen when you leap but you don’t look.

Or think of this…. I used to smoke, smoking requires dedication, yes it is an addiction but addictions require a dedication too, daily/ regular purchase of cigarettes, the time to smoke them, to buy the things required for them.

If addiction is part of human life then let me be addicted to God and to the service of Spirit.

I started watching a new tv series online, episodes come out once a week, that requires a dedication, to watch every week and a certain time, especially now online when you can get a whole series or season of a show in one hit.

Dedication requires patience- if you are dedicated to healthier living you will patiently wait for the oven and not stand by the microwave for 3 minutes.

To get the best results requires us to be dedicated, to have patience, to put in the time and the effort. Spirit and God teach and show us that, they will not be rushed.

From the toxicity of my past to the present day in which I have progressed in a loving, wonderful positive soulful connection.

Progression takes time, but like the things with God and Spirit and loved ones help that I progressed from, healed from and overcame and undedicated myself from.. well so can you. Progression is open to everyone , to every human soul.

So I have again as I have done for quite a few years now on the same day every year re- dedicated myself to the service of God and Spirit, it is not a requirement of spiritualism it is something I personally choose to do.

So let me leave you with these two questions to think about….

What are you dedicated to in your life? And what is that dedication doing for your soul?


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