Charity giving is strong in my heart and my walk with God and Spirit....

Going forward in 2020 Wehave four areas of charity with which we wish to support

1 Spiritualists National Union/ Spiritualism

2 Feeding the hungry

3 Looking after Nature including Animal Kingdom and Natural World

4 LGBTQIA+ Community

Together we are feeding the hungry, taking care of sick animals, looking after the natural world, helping the homeless and reaching more people with the Spiritualist life.. See more of what you are helping achieve and why..

The giving that we are doing together....

Taking care of sick animals


PDSA operates Vets and Animal Hospitals to take care of animals and beloved pets when owners may have financial difficulties or not even be able to afford the high vet bills, they operate on a donation basis... A donation of just £25 allows over night care for one pet. With your donations to readings, purchase of services or items from the store a percentage goes to our charity giving and the more we receive the more can be given.

Donations given on the following dates




The Natural World

The Woodland Trust

A great charity that is so important for the world we live in, They plant trees, take after ancient woodland, care for over 1000 woodlands, protect the woods and trees.

Donation given 15/01/2020

Sharing the Spiritualist Message

Spiritualists National Union

The largest Spiritualist Organisation in the world providing and promoting the religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism. Donations help to support the organisation and the many churches and centres across the UK and affiliated across the World.

Donations given online by SNU website on these dates.





20/07/2020 ( Rawtenstall Spiritualist Church) 27/07/2020 (Rawtenstall Spiritualist Church) 03/08/20 (Rawtenstall Spiritualist Church) 

31/08/20 (Rawtenstall Spiritualist Church) 

12/10/20 (Rawtenstall Spiritualist Church) 


As an Inclusive Faithfully LGBT+ Welcoming Ministry it is important for us to do our best to support the LGBT+ community.

York pride donation given on 06/06/2020

Feeding the hungry 

Trussell trustFood Bank 

Part of The Trussell Trust group foodbanks have always been close to my heart over the last 3 years we have been doing our best to help foodbanks by physical and financial donations, the fact we even need them in the UK is heart breaking itself, but the fact we are able to help people eat and feed families is a blessing.

04/01/2020 donation made via

Donation to Ashley Summers

£ 5 

A £5.00 donation to the ASM Ashley, God bless you fro sowing this seed

How does Charity Giving work with Ashley Summers Services?

It is simple you receive an intuitive reading, a message from spirit, you watch or read or listen to a spiritual sermon, a teaching, you attend an event you give a donation that you feel able or comfortable to give for the service received.

Any income that is received for spiritual based service by Ashley Summers is divided between a share for Ashley Summers as a gift for his time in providing the services received and the rest goes towards operating costs and Charity Giving.

How are the donations/payments for services and finances shared?

well for every £1 received 

20p is given for the work of Ashley Summers (20%)

80p goes to cover operationalcosts and Charity giving. (80%)

So by you receiving a reading, purchasing from the store or donating to Ashley summers for a service received, we are then able together to sow our seeds and help others via different charities. So know that you are not only receiving a spiritual service you are giving a spiritual service. 

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