About Ashley Summers

This is a section just to let you know more about me, my spiritual beliefs, my background, my spiritual development and work. I have included some videos along the page which should give you some more information.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better.

First Contact

My Mum is a Christian Spiritualist, her parents were both Mediums but I never met them when they touched the earth but I have been able to get to know them in spirit. I know that they among others theyare my Spirit Guides. I am a Spiritualist and I am open to connection with God and Great Spirit in a open minded welcoming and loving way.

I have a memory that from a young age I just knew things that I could not know. Like most people I had the ups and downs of youth and growing up, and learning who I was. One thing I would say looking back now, I wish there was more available for the spiritual development of young people especially aimed at Adolescent years.

I also had some of the most amazing experiences I had whilst growing up of Spirit. Two experiences are in the videos about the firework incident and the shattering glass incident when spirit saved me and my friend from harm.

 I first gave an intuitive reading when I was working at my first Job, I just let the details flow through me there was no sense of prejudice or fear. I wanted to know more about who I was spiritually but I never thought to ask my Mum, even though I had an air of confidence on the outside it was not there on the inside. Now I know that confidence comes from God and Spirit, but I remember wanting to know God more but it seemed like you could have Spirit or God but not both.

I have memories of watching Christian programmes but due to I think seeing one which was very anti-LGBT, it lead me away from God and not to God which I know affected my spiritual development and took many years before God was able to draw my heart back, even though that yearning was always there. A friend I still know from school days reminded me I used to say to them " I know I am here to help people, I have a calling ". I knew but I was not hearing clearly.

The Wonderful Wilderness

I got to see some of the world in my early 20's as a flight attendant and still had the occasional experiences with Spirit, God and my intuition. I got in a few challenging relationships always searching for that sense of belonging, It wasn't so much about being in love then "belonging to someone" I didn't know what God had for me but I know I was there by the grace of God because every experience taught me something. One thing I know that the more God and Spirit lead me.... the better my life became.

The experience of saving someones life just from Spirit prompting me to act and the bathroom incident and automatic writing and those other spirit experiences...  have been a blessing of spirit and Gods proof of existence and something divine.

After numerous experiences I finally said it is time to do something with this gift, it is time to stop and listen. Well really God got me to leave the airline in 2010 and it took me two years and spirit appearing in a picture for me to listen , I finally sat down and had a big talk with my mum about spirit, spiritualism and finding out my grandparents her parents whom has passed to spirit and whom I had spoken to as spirit for many years were spirit mediums and in 2012 with the support of my Mum I went to the Arthur Findlay college to do a course on Mediumship.

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Every time you get a bit closer to God, a bit more spiritual, there are new lessons to be learnt, your eyes become a bit more wider and you ego gets a bit more smaller.

I had completed my time after the college and feeling confident in the 'gifts', I started giving intuitive readings and attending a private circle. I even began to try out on TV and did events across the UK and the Netherlands.

I thought the more work I did the more readings the ' better' I  believed I was becoming... but instead I was becoming more drained and losing my connection to spirit, my true calling.

You see it was also my fault and I believe that it can happen to many people because they begin trusting '' their gifts'' and forget to trust God.

Don't trust the car, trust the driver of the car otherwise you can leave yourself with your defences down, that's where spiritual burn out, weariness and Loss of connection happens.

In love, In light and In the living room...

I have continued to develop myself spiritually and aim to share more of what I have come to know and belief and experience in the hope of guiding and giving insight and encouragement to others. It is great to give intuitive readings and spirit sittings but I feel they can be the first steps to connecting with God and Spirit on a deeper more spiritual and personal level. One someone from any background that feels rejected, out of place, forgotten about, unloved, unwanted has a connection made to someone in spirit that not only gives evidence and detail but the presence of spirit or they receive an intuitive reading that provides details and gives hope they begin to open their spirit and heart to something more.

I accept who I am, I know that God loves me, I sense spirit work with me, I have a better understanding of my calling and purpose. I provide the spiritual services around my main work and I am exploring new and different ways to work we never stop learning or developing and I am the same. No one knows everything but together in our collective consciousness we can learn and grow and share love together.

My personal Development

2012 Attended an awareness and mediumship class by Libby Clark at the Arthur Findlay College

2013 Began working publicly as an Intuitive and Spirit medium on UK TV and in the Netherlands.

2018-2019 Took time to re establish my own spirituality and connection with God and Spirit, to see how I needed to further develop and re establish who I was my understanding of mediumship and my own spiritual development.

2019  Attended an Advanced Mediumship Class by Brian Lynch

2020 Attended a Psychic/ Intuitive Missing persons class by Stella Upton

2020 Studied and Passed an animal communication course by Helen Da Vita

2020 Began developing on the SNU TSP1 and PAS course

2020 Attended a Mediumship Mentorship by Sheila French DSNU

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