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Spirit Medium, Intuitive ,Healer and Esoteric Teacher

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About Me

I first truly became aware of my different connections, senses and spirit from around the age of 13 years old. After trying to figure things out I spoke to my mum. Who told me her parents and step mum, who had passed before I was born were mediums. I have always believed that gifts and abilities are given to people from all walks of life.

I believe an honest and open heart is what you need, not an overly saintly life or following a set of rules or regulations that make you feel you cannot be yourself. We are all uniquely different so be as true to ourselves as possible.

I offer my spiritual services and the knowledge I have gained through experience in good faith and in love. I believe that God cannot be defined by one religion alone. My spiritual experiences have taught me to be open minded and explore my spiritual path with a view of love and acceptance.

My Professional Experience working in partnerships with other services...

Presenter and Intuitive Demonstrator

2013 – Present
Psychic Today Channel 560

Working with my connection to Spirit, my spirit guides and premonition and heightened intuitive senses. I began and continue to give readings to those looking for guidance and connection over the phone.

I have appeared on 143 shows over the last 5 years, offering readings, demonstrations and presenting the live TV shows. 

Intuitive Reader and Spirit Medium

International service for those in the USA and Australia

2016- Present

I was asked to join the Psychic Pages team, which allows me to connect and give intuitive readings to those in the USA and Australia. It has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with people across the world. The fact the spirit and intuition can connect no matter where someone is just shows the power of the universe and Spirit and puts it all in perspective.

Spirit Medium and Intuitive Reader

2016– present
Mind Body Spirit Festival by Invitation of Crystal Clear Psychics

I have been invited and am continually grateful for Lauren at Crystal Clear who invites me to work along side her team at the Wellbeing Festivals in the UK. Both in London and Birmingham. 

With the way my energy works with spirit I only commit to one or two days of the 4 day weekend. There is such a wonderful energy having so many like minded and lovely people around. I am able to give as many readings as I feel able to never under pressure and Lauren and the team are always so welcoming.

I have experienced many wonderful sittings and experiences with spirit, and with th rest of the festival having so much to offer it really is a great time to learn and explore too.

Spiritual Services

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